midkay & XT3RM1N8R
51 minutes
November 6, 2020
electronic experimental retro
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Constructed over the course of two years, Hyperdreamstate is a continuous, mixed album that journeys through a wide range of electronic styles. Each track uses a different palette of sounds, with varying mixtures of vintage synthesizers, rich chords, energetic melodies, playful progressions, busy breakbeats, and insane vocal harmonies, just to name a few!

Brief ambient interludes join this diverse array of tracks together, creating a shared sense of space among its individual compositions through the different auditory spaces that link up each of its worlds.

XT3RM1N8R writes:
This album is the culmination of the collaborative work that midkay and I performed leading up to its release. It's an experience composed of the fruits of our labor that we were proud to share with the world – and hopefully, the start of more, even cooler things!

Some of the tracks were previously released as singles, most of which were lightly touched up for this album.
midkay writes:
Once XT3RM1N8R and I started collaborating, we suddenly had a bunch of neat demos that all seemed like they had potential. I had a sense that they would all fit nicely together, and we set out to finish and structure them into an album.

It took a full couple years to get all the pieces in place, but it was a great journey, and full of learning. From collaborating with visual FX animator @Terzalo for the album release trailers and promo visuals, to crafting the artwork, sequencing the tracks and building all the seamless transitions between each, it was a huge undertaking and I think we both learned so much that we’re excited to carry into our future efforts.

Track listing:

  1. Light Flight (3:54)visualizer
  2. V.S.T. (3:32) i
  3. Starlight Stroll (4:45)
  4. Brightness in You (3:26)
  5. Sand & Glass (4:30)
  6. Superdegeneration (4:59) i
  7. Flip Flop (3:23) i
  8. Patience (4:11) i
  9. Deep Breaths (Album Mix) (4:34) i
  10. Wirrwarr (3:00) i
  11. Dark House (4:49)visualizer
  12. Winter's Winds (5:27)
Total length: 50:30

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