Luminous Illusion
2-Sided Triangle
37 minutes
November 2017
alternative electro rock synth rock
next release (Snow Day)
previous release (End of the Line)
Luminous Illusion is an album released by 2-Sided Triangle in November 2017.
The first chapter in the 2-Sided Triangle story.
Alternative rock is one of my favorite genres besides electronic music, and a lot of the 2-Sided Triangle style is built around combining those two kinds of sounds: largely live or live-sounding instrumentation, with some electronics sprinkled in as accents.
– midkay, June 2022

Track listing:

  1. Sleuth (3:01)
  2. Dark Matter (4:53)
  3. The Ultimatum (4:24)
  4. Warped (5:15)
  5. Wistful (4:10)
  6. Beyond (5:57)
  7. Never Goin' Home (4:56)
  8. HyperVerse (3:54)
Total length: 36:30

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