71 minutes
July 30, 2016
electronic house idm
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Absorption is an album released by midkay on July 30, 2016.
After several years of practicing music production, I assembled my first album, essentially a curated compilation of all my best productions up to that point. I spent a good bit of time polishing and sequencing the songs until I was satisfied with the end result.

It's full of different styles of electronic music, with most of the songs having totally different sounds and styles. The only consistent theme was trying all sorts of different experiments and combinations, to learn what worked and what didn't.

Although I still had a lot to learn, I can happily say this album served its purpose: helping me learn and practice every aspect of creating and releasing music; serving as a reference point along the path of my development to benchmark successive releases against; and keeping me motivated to improve and continue releasing new things.
– midkay, May 2023

Track listing:

  1. Distance Is Key (04:35)
  2. Going Places (06:33)
  3. Aitherios (05:01)
  4. Steps/To the End (02:58)
  5. At Night (06:32)
  6. Obscure (07:16)
  7. Outlook (01:21)
  8. Nangs (06:40)
  9. Warmth (03:51)
  10. Worlds Apart (08:04)
  11. Holly's Lament (02:25)
  12. Citadel (04:46)
  13. Arterial (10:34)
Total length: 1:10:36

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