Winter's Winds
midkay & XT3RM1N8R
5 minutes
December 2019
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previous release (Brightness in You)
Winter's Winds is a single released by midkay & XT3RM1N8R in December 2019.
midkay writes:
I started this track out with the main piano and synth progression, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take it next. XT3RM1N8R came up with the house-style percussion and the pounding bassline, which took things in a much more exciting direction. The final piece that ended up tying everything together was the interlude, with an acoustic guitar solo I recorded while noodling around one night.
XT3RM1N8R writes:
To me, this track has many staple qualities of other dance music that I like to zone out to. I think the guitar midkay added was a fantastic addition, and I seem to recall that there is actually an alarm tone hidden in that take that happened to be in the key of the song, so we left it in!

Track listing:

  1. Winter's Winds (5:18)

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