Deep Breaths
midkay & XT3RM1N8R
4 minutes
April 2018
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Deep Breaths is a single released by midkay & XT3RM1N8R in April 2018.
midkay writes:
This started as a short demo by XT3RM1N8R, and was the first track we ever collaborated on. I remember I was really taken with the initial concept, and started to expand on it, and then we just kept expanding. We ended up with a lot of different sections, and I think at one point we were debating which ones to keep, then just opted to keep them all, because why not?

I remember feeling really good about this track as we finished it. It came together quickly, we didn't overthink it, and I liked how the sections flowed together and created an emotional progression throughout. The process felt inspired and the result was something really new for me at the time.
XT3RM1N8R writes:
This track started as a brief demo I made to test some cool sounds. I had no idea it would become as huge as it is, but I learned a lot making it and it inspired in me the idea that I could do so much more. Working with midkay on this track showed me that we could collaborate to make something awesome.

Track listing:

  1. Deep Breaths (4:14)

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