Good news for this rather stagnant site! Some new programming is happening on my end, a little bit of which is for the website itself, but most of which will give the website a purpose. I know, this is another 'stay tuned' message, but it's really, actually for something.

I've always felt like this page was a beta test, and that I could do more with it. I have several things in mind going forward. I could even list off a couple of them since I guess that's what you're supposed to do in a news post:

• Rewrite using Ajax. That's 'Asynchronous Javascript and XML', a way for your browser to pull data from a web server on the fly. It's how dynamic pages like Facebook and Gmail shuttle data to and from the browser. It would be cool to write a site like that – one page to be the frame, and endless Ajax requests to pull in the HTML data for any section of the site the user requests. Makes for a much more seamless experience. The code is a breeze but building a site with it seems like a logistical nightmare. There are probably articles on that, but standard protocol is always trying to sort stuff out for myself first. (I never fail, just learn a lot and eventually arrive at a good answer. It's almost like a cheat... a life cheat.)

• Stylesheet tweaks. I do minor ones all the time, so this will probably continue evolutionarily rather than get all worked out some night -- but I want to develop the visual style of the pages, and diversify their appearance a little bit more. Have to retain consistency though, is the tricky bit. Also have to move some site code around structurally, cause it's started making less and less sense the way I've been doing it /newb

Oh also yeah, I got a job with Parker Staffing doing Network and System Support at Nintendo. I'm not a legit Nintendo employee, but I'm on the legit Nintendo campus, and it's pretty cool. Seasonal though; I'll probably be back to full-time slackerdom by January's end and until school stuff is sorted. I won't even get started on that :E Seattle UW CSE y u do dis Oh and it's almost year's end, and good music is abundant. An albums of the year type list is on the to-do. Do check out Burial's new Truant EP though.

Happy holidays 'n stuff!