This is odd. I'm a graduate. Weeks later, it still hasn't hit me yet... at this rate, I think it'll hit me in about three years.

I think I don't see it that monumentally - just the simple result of lots of little bits of hard work. I see it as the end of a very long chapter, a now-completed journey that I spent 7 years undertaking – 2009 through 2016. I've always been more into the journey than the destination, I think, as a person; planning the perfect thing is so satisfying, but executing it is just cake – satisfying, but automatic.

This past few months has been unprecedented, in terms of how much I've had to stay on top of. The general feeling of "is everything accounted for? Am I forgetting something right now?" has been tiring to say the least – knowing one of about 100 important things could slip at any moment. I've accomplished a lot in this time, however. I can't even tell you... coherent sentences are impossible when facing how excited I am about how much good stuff has been going on, and where it feels like it's leading.

I have a lot more to post about here soon, but for the moment, I've just done a big visual overhaul of the site. Changed up the style once again – hope you like the new background and color scheme. Made the new background last night in about 15 minutes, after realizing the color palette around here has been dominated by blues and greens for far too long.

In general I'm liking the idea of mixing things up more. I'm shaking up routine a lot and I realized I've always liked to do that by nature. I hate the idea of getting too acclimated, too patterned in your thoughts, too comfortable where you're at mentally. That's where you get bored and uncreative, and I have to think that space is hard as hell to get out of. Better not to even entertain it, if you ask me!