Life is super busy but good. I'm doing much more all at once than I ever have before in my life, and I've always been one to be pushing forward, so that's saying something. I'm still managing to stop and appreciate it all, which currently feels like a pretty good barometer for ensuring I haven't gotten in TOO deep.

One of the many things I did lately was publish an app on the Windows Store. It's called FolderSpace and I built it to be a basic, touch-friendly, modern-UI version of one of my favorite Windows utilities, Disk Space Fan.

I've been making a lot more music lately -- and my own original stuff, at that. That process is becoming pretty effortless and improvement has been rapid. I've actually made some things that sort of awed me ... a completely new feeling at this point in my life. I like awing myself. Music has been the hardest area to do that in, but perhaps the most rewarding.

I haven't posted my best works, out of wanting to save them until my skills are just a bit more fully-realized. But I have been posting lots of the little seedlings of ideas. It feels good to be throwing stuff out there again. Not perfect? Screw it. Keep moving forward.